Welcome to the Snackability Website


Snacks contribute to the diet quality and to intake of key nutrients in young people. However, if these snacks are unhealthy, it adds calories and leads to weight gain. Most Americans consume snacks on a daily basis (94%), which is higher among college students (98%). Currently, there is a guideline for healthy snacking from the USDA. However, this is lost in translation when individuals are faced with the decision to choose a snack. Therefore, we developed the “Snackability” app. It is based on the social cognitive theory for behavior change.


“Snackability” is an app that allows the user to search for a snack and based on the portion size, it provides a score from 0-11 (the higher the score, the healthier a snack is). It also provides feedback for improving this score, keeps a record of snacks consumed and allows users to earn points on healthy snacks consumed as self-motivation.

This app was pilot tested among college students for 2 weeks showing excellent user experience results. The immediate next step is to test its effectiveness as a diet and weight improvement tool, with the overarching goal of expanding its use to others.